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   Global Reach: Our tracing services are not limited to the UK; we operate worldwide, providing comprehensive support wherever you need it.

Professional Trace and Locate Service

In today's dynamic world, there are numerous reasons why you might need to locate someone's address. Whether it's for legal, financial, or personal reasons, finding the correct address is crucial. Our Professional Trace and Locate Service is here to help you navigate this complex task with ease and accuracy.

Why Choose Our Professional Tracing Agents?

When selecting a tracing agent, it is vital to choose wisely. Inexperienced agents often rely on a single data set and lack the necessary expertise, leading to incorrect information. Our seasoned agents utilise multiple data sets and sophisticated methods to cross-verify source data from credit agencies like Equifax, ensuring the highest accuracy.

High Success Rates

Our impressive 98% success rate speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our people trace services. We continually refine our systems and technologies to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our services. This commitment to excellence allows us to confidently assist you in your search.

Specialised People Search

For accurate and reliable results in the UK, our registered tracing agents specialise in locating individuals who have moved house. Whether you are seeking to recover property, pursue a debt, or initiate legal proceedings, having the correct address is essential and cost-effective. Our pre-litigation and address tracing service is indispensable for cases involving debt enforcement, divorce proceedings, or identifying a beneficiary to a will.

Situations Where You Might Need Our Services:

1. Legal Proceedings:

  • Divorce: Wondering, "How do I divorce if I can't find my spouse?" Our service ensures you have the correct address to serve legal papers.

  • Debt Enforcement: Before you embark on costly litigation to recover debts, our service provides the accurate address needed to pursue the debtor.

2. Debtor Tracing:

  • Our debtor tracing services locate individuals who owe you money, even if they have intentionally left their last known location without providing a forwarding address.

3. Beneficiary Tracing:

  • Need to trace a beneficiary of a will? Our specialized service ensures you can fulfill legal obligations efficiently.

4. Absent Freeholder Tracing:

  • If you need to locate an absent freeholder, our professional tracing service provides the accurate information required.

5. Former Employee Tracing:

  • For employment or legal purposes, we help you trace former employees with precision.

Why Our Service Stands Out:

Expertise and Experience: Our trace team is highly experienced and has access to multiple data sources to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Advanced Technology: We utilise the latest technology to refine our search methods and achieve high success rates.

Comprehensive Service: From debt recovery to legal proceedings, our service covers a wide range of needs.

Cost-Effective: Avoid costly litigation by ensuring you have the correct address before proceeding.

Global Reach: Our tracing services are not limited to the UK; we operate worldwide, providing comprehensive support wherever you need it.

Get Started Today

Finding the right address shouldn't be a daunting task. Trust our Professional Trace and Locate Service to provide accurate and reliable results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in locating the individual you need to find.

Contact Information: 

Let us know who you need to trace and the reason Just send us an email click here:

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're working with the best in the business. Let us help you find the people you need, quickly and efficiently.

Wide Range of Expertise: Our tracing agents specialise in finding individuals to serve legal documents, witnesses, beneficiaries, and other individuals crucial to your inquiries. Their advanced skills encompass various tracing scenarios, including serving a divorce petition, landlord and freehold tracing, serving a statutory demand or bankruptcy petition, asset tracing, and overseas tracing. With our services, your options are wide open when it comes to identifying and locating the individuals you are searching for.

Simple and Secure Process: We make the tracing process seamless for you. Whether you represent a large organisation or are an individual seeking our services, our online request system allows you to fill out your request quickly and efficiently. One of our team members will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

At The UK National Process Servers, we are committed to providing top-notch tracing services that exceed your expectations. Trust us to be your reliable partner in tracing individuals, whether it's in London, the UK, or across the globe. Contact us today to initiate the tracing process, and let our experts help you achieve your investigative goals.





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