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Process Serving Services

 The UK National Process Servers, are your trusted partner for professional and reliable process-serving services. We understand the importance of efficient and confidential legal document delivery, and our U.K. team of experienced process servers is here to ensure your legal needs are met with precision and professionalism.

Our Process Serving Services

At The UK National Process Servers, we offer a comprehensive range of process-serving solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our services include:

  • Personal Service: Our experienced process servers will personally deliver legal documents to the intended recipients, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

  • Substitute Service: In cases where personal service is not possible, we will utilise substitute service methods to ensure that legal documents are properly delivered.

  • Trace & Locate Skip Tracing: If the recipient's whereabouts are unknown, our skip tracing experts will employ advanced techniques to locate and serve the individual or entity.

  • Rush Service: We understand that some legal matters require urgent attention. Our rush service for Prohibited Steps Orders, Non-Molestaion Orders, and Child Act Documents ensures that documents are served promptly and with the utmost care.

  • UK Nationwide Coverage: Whether your legal needs are local, regional, or nationwide, our extensive network of process servers allows us to serve documents wherever they need to go.

Why Choose The UK National Process Servers?

  • Experience: With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most challenging process serving cases.

  • Professionalism: Our team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring that your legal documents are served with integrity and discretion.

  • Timely Updates: We provide regular updates on the status of your service attempts, keeping you informed throughout the process.

  • Compliance: We are well-versed in the legal requirements surrounding process serving, ensuring that all documents are served in accordance with the law.

Request a Quote for Serve of :




Winding up Petitions, Bankruptcy Petitions, Divorce Petitions 


Prohibited Steps Orders, Non-Molestation Orders, Family & Child Act Proceedings, Occupation Orders, Writs, 

Landlord and tenant, Assault and trespass, Harassment, Property break notices Section 8, Section 21 






To get started with our process of serving services, simply fill out our online quote request form or contact our friendly customer service team. We'll provide you with a competitive quote based on your specific needs.

Client Testimonials - 5-Star Google Reviews 

Teresa Q - "Easy to work with. Very prompt and professional. Papers were served quickly and accurately at the first attempt. I’m very satisfied with this company and the results. Highly recommend them."

Misty- USA Attorney - Serving in the UK


" I am a non-profit attorney from the United States. I had an International Child Abduction case --- not really in my area of expertise. I tried making sense of the service rules --- learning international service rules on the fly is not something I recommend. Time was short and I reached out to the UK National Process Servers. Not only did they get back to me promptly, they helped me navigate the service options and even provided a discount (based on the fact I am a non-profit attorney, of course). I had heard horror stories about how long service would take, even between America and the UK --- these guys are fantastic and they have the inside track and knowledge to handle international service. Within days of making the payment, they had begun the process and less than two weeks later, the Defendant was served and the process to finish service should be completed by next week. The turn-around time is unbelievable, given how every attorney I spoke to said the process could take months and would almost certainly require a Motion to Extend Time to Serve. I highly recommend using their service, discount or not, because they know what they are doing --- the cost is worth every pound. My client is thrilled, I have no fear that I did something incorrectly, and not only have they done it, but they have done it with professional excellence. By that, I mean every step of the way they have kept me updated on the process. I cannot emphasize enough that if you have international litigation and need to serve someone in the United Kingdom, the UK National Process Servers are a legitimate business and they don't mess around. Get it done right the FIRST time you try...because I promise you it will probably be more expensive if you have to make more than one attempt to serve overseas."

Tosin- "Gill and Georgie are very efficient and Professional. I felt very confident from their initial response to my enquiry about their services.

I received prompt and adequate information about how they will proceed. They went the extra mile to ensure papers were served. I got the expected result and l highly recommend their services to anyone even in tricky situations."

Thanks, Ladies



  • Why do Legal Documents Need to Be Served by a process server?

  • Legal papers must be served to recipients in person or through a verified method of communication to ensure that they are aware of the documents and can't claim they never received them. This is crucial in various legal proceedings, such as divorce and injunctions, to avoid potential issues.

  • Can the Recipient Refuse to Be Served? 

  •  An individual can try to refuse service of legal papers it won't prevent legal proceedings from moving forward. The court will likely take additional steps if met with a refusal of service. 

  • How Long Does It Take to Serve Court Papers?

  • The time it takes to serve court papers varies depending on the case. Some cases can be served quickly on the same day, while others may take longer, especially if the recipient is evasive. Experienced process servers can efficiently handle the process.

  • Do you serve legal documents by electronic methods?

  • In certain cases, legal papers can be served via other methods but this typically requires prior attempts at personal service. Confirmation of receipt is essential for successful service.

More FAQ's

  • I don't know the correct home address to serve the papers- what do I do?

  • If you know where the subject works but not their home address, we can still attempt service at their workplace. Our process server can make an attempt at any address you provide, even if the court papers initially have the subject's previous address.

  • If you do not have any addresses for service we can utilise our trace and locate service to find the subject's new address.

  • What Proof will I receive that my papers have been served?

  • After serving documents, our process servers complete a proof of service, which can take the form of a certificate, statement, or affidavit. Correct formatting is crucial for these proofs to be admissible in court.

  • What is the Cost of a Process Server?  The cost of hiring a process server varies based on the specific case and requirements. It's important to discuss options with us as some documents are more urgent than others.

  • Do Process Servers work out of business hours and Weekends?

  • Process servers are no longer restricted from serving documents on Sundays in the UK. They can serve papers whenever necessary to fulfill their duties.

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