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Unknown addresses or Uncooperative Respondents - Family Proceedings – Process Server - Help & Advice

Once an application has been made to court in family proceedings, for instance for a divorce, to deal with financial matters, children’s issues or non-molestation/occupation orders, the papers need to be served upon the other party known as the respondent.

The respondent will often have to file a form to acknowledge that they have received the papers.

What happens if I do not know the respondent’s address or he/she does not return the acknowledgment form to the court?

If you do not know where the respondent lives, we can arrange for our tracing team to locate the respondent so our process server can locate him or her to serve their copy of the papers upon them personally.

This also helps if they have not returned the acknowledgment form because the process server can provide evidence to the court that they have actually served the papers upon the respondent.

This ensures that the respondent is made aware of the court proceedings.

By instructing The UK National Process Servers to serve legal documents you are following the appropriate procedures and meeting all legal requirements for proper service of court documents.

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