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How to serve a Legal Document?

If you need a little help understanding how to serve your legal documents our Process Servers have answered some commonly asked questions here.

We are based In Hampton Hill, Middlesex minutes from Kingston County Court, Feltham Court & West London Family Court. The UK National Process Servers are ideally situated to deal with many aspects of litigation support and process serving. We are frequently instructed by private individuals, businesses local authorities and law firms requiring a process server to effect the personal service of court claims on individuals, companies, partnerships and directors in our local areas and Nationwide.

Our team at The UK National Process Servers have extensive experience of personal service. To understand more about process servicing and how it all works feel free to call one our team on 0333 242 0630. The server acts as a third party for serving court / official documents.

Why is using a Process server important?

A court claim must be properly served upon an individual or company which is acceptable to the court, there are certain procedures that need to be followed and standards met for the document to be served officially. If there are errors made or the documents served incorrectly then this could result in the court dismissing the case or request for the document to be reserved which can delay the process.

It is vital that the subject or company being served is both aware of the order and has opportunity to respond and seek legal advice if required. It would be unfair if anyone claimant obtains judgement by stating that the defendant has been made aware and has received the documents and that the defendant had ignored the claim. The claimant must prove that they have effected service properly and not mislead the court as this can constitute as a contempt of court and a criminal offence. Then the proof of the serve of documents is provided as a witness statement or certificate of service so that this explains that the other party has received the legal documents. Certain documents require a sworn affidavit by the process server. The witness statement by a third party is the most secure method so that it is very clear that the defendant has been served and received the litigation documents. Then if the defendant does not respond to the claim, the court is clear that any fault rests with the defendant and not the claimant.

How we give evidence of a personal service.

Once the Process server has effected service they will produce a certificate of service, affidavit or witness statement.

What happens when a Person NEEDS to be served and cannot be found?

If the claimant does not know where to serve the documents the process server can assist by running a trace on the individual in order to establish their whereabouts. There are various methods utilised to find a person to be served.

What if the person refuses to accept the documents I need to serve?

The process server has the knowledge and experience to constitute good service, the opposing party does not have to physically touch the documents in order for service to be officially effected.

What do I need to provide the process server to effect personal service?

  1. When instructing a process server aim to provide as much information as possible about the defendant and if possible include photos of the defendant and any known daily routines.

  2. Provide the full addresses and postcode for the defendant.

  3. Allow as much time as possible, do not delay - time must be allowed to serve the documents.

  4. After the serve the process server will produce a witness statement or certificate of serve that you will need so you can progress.

The UK National Process Servers are a brand under M Private Investigations Ltd who are fully insured and well known for high-profile investigation and inquiry agent work. A regulated private investigation company with a team of dedicated process servers who effect personal service of legal documents on a daily basis acting for large law firms, businesses nationally and internationally also for members of the general public who need to have legal documents served professionally. Our Principal Investigator is a Member of The Association of British Investigators (ABI) The Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI) & the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network (UKPIN) The mixed team are regulated ensuring that information held and obtained is provided lawfully and therefore will be acceptable and valuable. ​Saving you a lot of anxiety, time and money. We conduct all our investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics. Delivering integrity in all aspects of your business.​ This includes transparency of our Service and Fees.

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