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Serve divorce petition My spouse has not responded to the Divorce Petition.

Easy - You can instruct a Process Server to assist you!

Serve divorce petition

My spouse has not responded to the Divorce Petition.

If your ex-partner has not responded or acknowledged the Divorce Petition within the designated time frame then time is of the essence!

Personal service by a Process Server is a professional service to ensure that the Respondent receives the documents successfully. This means that the server will hand it to the Respondent and provide you with the required 3rd party evidence. This document is "The Statement of Service" that you will need to provide the Court.

Our professional Process Servers at The UK National Process Servers work all hours including evenings & weekends serving documents Nationwide. Every day we assist private individuals who are filing their own papers and law firms working for their clients. We offer an excellent and very affordable fixed-fee service that includes up to three visits - inclusive of the statement.

Fees depend on the location and urgency - call us for your quote.

process servers at The UK National Process Servers

What to do next.

Once we receive your documents ( you can email them to us or send them by post ) we aim to attempt the first visit within 48 hours,

Our email address:

Should you wish for a more urgent service to be effected such as same day then please speak to one of our advisors immediately on:

0333 242 0630

You may have already applied for your divorce online, have a solicitor acting for you or proceed via the Courts. We can help you! For more information just visit us here:

What do I need to send the process server?

  1. Email a copy of your documents to or post them to our office at The UK National Process Servers, 191-193 High Street, Hampton Hill, Middlesex, TW12 1NL.

  2. Ensure all documents are sent to us, this normally includes the Divorce Petition, Notice of Proceedings & blank Acknowledgement of Service (provided by the court - this document is to allow your spouse to complete and return.)

  3. If possible please help us easily identify your ex-partner with a photograph if possible, description, and times/days he or she is likely to be at the address to ensure swift service is effected.

What happens once I have instructed you?

Serve Divorce Petition Call 0208 408 4004
  • You will be assigned your own personal Process Server who will confirm the booking, they will be on hand to speak via telephone 0333 242 0630 or email. Our friendly experienced operatives ease the process to make it as stress-free as possible. All our agents work in the field as well as in the office so there is no question they have not answered a situation or experienced it themselves!

  • Our agent will update you via email after each attendance made outlining the outcome of the serve / attempted serve and feedback relevant information gathered.

  • We will provide you with a scanned copy of statement of service once effected and post the original signed statement to an address of your choice (normally your own address, your solicitors or the relevant court)

What happens if my Divorce document cannot be personally served?

Occasionally personal service is not effected, this could be for a number of reasons some examples here:

Serve my divorce papers
  • The Respondent has moved - Our agents will aim to make inquiries to establish the current address or contact number. We also provide a tracing service to locate the individual at a new address or investigate where they are currently working to effect the serve of documents.

  • The Respondent won’t answer the door - The Respondent might be at home but will simply not answer the door, Process Servers do not have the power to force entry! So this is what normally happens. After the three attempts have been made we can assess and discuss with you the next approach. There could be many reasons that the Respondent does not wish to come to the door so we can either try again with a further three attempts at different times on different days and then produce a statement to the Court of all of the attempts made. We can also leave appointment letters so that the Respondent can make contact with us. When we produce a statement after the first three visits the Court may accept substituted service once we have confirmed residency.

  • The Respondent is avoiding service? Our mother company M Private Investigations Ltd offers our Process Serving customers specific static surveillance on the subject as and when required. The fee starts at £65.00 per hour for a minimum of four hours at a time to wait & observe until the subject is seen leaving or entering the address so the agent will serve the documents once identification is confirmed. There will not be any additional process serve fee for this option. With this option, a recent photograph and a description of the subject are mandatory to ensure that the right person is identified.

The UK National Process Servers

We are a mixed team of experienced highly trained female and male agents and our fixed fee, flexibility, and personal approach means our clients are not just a reference number.

Important Notice - When Serving your Documents

It is important that your documents are served correctly and in accordance with the law.

Choosing a data-protected and regulated Process Server means you have the security knowing you are hiring an expert to monitor the progress of your document serve as the quality of service is paramount to us and you have shown that the correct requirements for serve of legal documents have been followed.

Would you like to discuss the serve of your Divorce Petition?

Please call us today at 0333 242 0630 or email us at

UK Process Server

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