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Book a Process Server - The UK National Process Servers London Process server Call us 0333 242 0630

We can also do covert inquiries and door knocks depending on your needs.

We can also assist in finding your respondent, witness, or debtor.

Book a Process Server
Book a Process Server

Legal documents served in the UK and overseas

Call us at 0333 242 0630 to arrange for proper service of your documents.

The UK National Process Servers - Book a Process Server UK

Our male and female process servers and litigation support are based in London with colleagues all around the UK, including the British Channel Islands. We serve all types of legal documents for a set price that includes up to three visits and keep you informed every step of the way.

If originals need to be served, we can also, upon request, pick up the legal documents from any UK court or address. Additionally, we routinely serve documents abroad and accept requests for serving legal documents anywhere in the world.

The UK National Process Servers - Call us 0333 242 0630

Our process servers will act on your behalf and collaborate with you to personally serve documents where personal service is required, such as a private residence, place of employment, a police station, a prison, or a business, within the allotted time.

The UK National Process Servers - Email us

All information will be kept private and confidential by M Private Investigations Ltd., a sister company of UK National Process Servers.

We will keep you informed until we quickly deliver your legal documents, making sure that data privacy rules are followed, whether you are a firm of solicitors, a local authority, a housing association, a company, or a private customer.

The UK National Process Servers Proof of Service - Book a Process Server online

Book a Process Server online
Book a Process Server online

Depending on the requirements, we will complete and provide you with the necessary vital papers for proof of service, such as sworn affidavits; signed Statements of Service; or Certificates of Service, after your documents have been served.

A Notary Public's seal on our affidavit or, provided the request has gone via the Hague an official Hague Certificate stamped by the High Court Master in the Central Authority is given in accordance with Article 5 of the Hague Convention.


Visit us here:

Data Protection Number ZA135954

F2029 (C) - Full Member of the Association of British Investigators Ltd. The ABI is Exclusively: Working with The Law Society of England & Wales. Approved supplier by The Law Society of Scotland. Approved trade association by the DVLA. Data Protection Number: ZA135954


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