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Process Serve England Documents from USA or Canada in the UK

Do you need legal support to effect the service of process in the U.K.?

The UK National Process Servers provide you speedy direct service facility through our London Office.

Process Serve England Serve USA Legal Documents in UK Hague Convention
Process Server England

Process Serve England the Documents from USA or Canada in the UK

Where the case is a cross-border dispute a civil or commercial matter and legal action against a UK individual or a company is required to bring proceedings in a court in the United States. We have specialised experience to effect service of the process of judicial documents, for example, the Summons and Complaints in the UK.

Process Serve England Documents from USA or Canada in the UK

Almost all U.S. Court documents our U.K. team serve is via the Hague Service Convention. Once service is effected the certificate of service you receive is complete with the seal of the Senior Courts.

How long does this take?

Once we receive your instructions to Process Serve England we action the documents and return the completed certificates to you as quickly as possible. The total process normally takes 3 - 4 weeks ( where serving an individual we attend up to three visits as the subject may not be at the address at the time of our visit ) we provide you with progress reports during the time period. We can accept the documents by email provided your issuing court does not require originals to be served. Or you may wish to courier the original documents to our offices and we will confirm receipt.

It is considered that the service of U.S. legal documents via the Hague Service Convention method shows that the service of the documents issued in the U.S. has been served correctly in the U.K.


Please contact us with the location of the service and the type of documents you need to serve so we can provide your quotation by email.

How to start the Easy 3-Step Process Serve in England Documents from USA or Canada in the UK Process Now!

1. Send us an email here:

We need to know what documents you need to serve and the address location in the U.K.

When we receive your written instructions plus the documents we complete the necessary request documents for process via the Central Authority for the UK, which is the Senior Master of the King's Bench Division of the High Courts of Justice in London.

2. Once we receive the authority to proceed with service to Process Serve in England from our High Court we then progress to effect service on the U.K. entity. After service has been effected, we then complete our proof of service so our UK Central Authority can seal to certify that service was effected.

3. The High Court returns all the documentation back to our offices so we can then email then courier these out to your U.S. address.

Serve Legal Documents from USA anywhere in UK
Serve Legal Documents from USA anywhere in UK

Great, you have served in the U.K. so now ready to proceed with your Court Case!

Process Serve Canadian documents England
Process Serve in England

Serve Legal Documents from Canada

What to do when the address of the entity or individual to be served is not known.

Where the defendant’s U.K. address is not known, we will run a trace and locate the service so that the Hague Service Convention will apply. We will ask you for the relevant information on the subject and the basic trace service normally takes 3 working days.

For a more complex trace service where only limited information is available these types of searches can take several weeks. We can provide a more accurate time frame once we know how much information is available to start the trace on the subject.

Process Serve England UK
Process Serve England

Proof of service other methods

Depending on the case matter you may consider that service via the Hague Convention is not required.

It could be that you only require proof a letter or document has been served in the U.K.

In these matters, once service has been effected we do offer a standard proof of service, affidavits sworn by our solicitors or by our Notary Public.

Do feel free to contact us with your requirements so we can explain options to assist you here in the U.K.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Process Serve England UK


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