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Divorce Petition Process Server Tips to Assist!

How to hire a Professional process server to serve your Divorce Petition on fixed fee urgent & out of hours service

For documents that need personally serving in a place of private residence, place of work, at a police station, prison or at place of work our process servers will work on your behalf and work with you in order to serve the document within the given timeframe so a smooth transition for your case.

Tip 1.- Email your documents to

The Court may have emailed these for you to forward or just scan them over to our email address.

Tip 2 - Explain to us more about the respondent in your email to us e.g:

Where and when the respondent is available to receive their papers

Always Hire A Trusted – Process Server Specialist

Tip 3 - Thats It!

We will respond to your email and ask you a few more questions to assit the serve plus to arrange the suitable time to attend with the documents. Once we receive the papers we aim to make 1st attandance 24-48 hours anywhere in the UK

Tip 4 - Once the respondent is served ...

We send your statement of proof ( Certificate of service) so you can email this to the issuing Court.

Don’t Forget if you do not know where the respondent is...

Just let us know and our team will assist to locate the respondent for you.


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