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My spouse has not responded to my divorce petition what do I do?

What can you do to move the divorce along now that the court has sent your spouse the divorce petition and the response acknowledgment of service form but they haven't returned the filled-out form to the court?

Your spouse sends the court evidence of receiving the petition by delivering the acceptance of service response form, which confirms they have received the divorce petition, to the court.

You will need to find alternate proof that they have received the divorce petition if they haven't already sent this form to the court.

How to achieve this.

Divorce Petition Process Server
Divorce Petition Process Server

You hire The UK National Process Servers private process server to personally deliver your spouse's divorce papers anywhere in the UK.

You must privately hire a process server and request a sealed copy of the divorce documents from the court to email to the process server.

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The advantage of hiring The UK National Process Server over a court bailiff is that the former will be speedier, go to the addresses you specify for your spouse, which may include both his home and workplace, and have more freedom to locate him than the latter.

We take calls daily from people who say to us "My spouse has not responded to my divorce petition what do I do?" They are stuck as they are unable to progress with their divorce as their spouse has not returned the response acknowledgment form to the court.

Once the process server is successful in serving your spouse with the divorce papers, they will give you a statement of service that you may submit to the court as proof that your spouse has received the divorce papers, and you can then move on with your divorce.

When your spouse has not responded to the divorce petition what you can do.


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