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How to hire a process server.

Hiring a process server.

Depending on your situation part of the legal process might involve hiring a process server as instructed by your solicitor or the courts. Process servers are trained to hand deliver legal documents to an individual or company in question effectively and lawfully. A process server is often the preferred method of document delivery as documents often require certified proof of service, often the court will request that the documents are formally served and posting them is not acceptable as there are many factors that could go wrong. The post might get lost, or the recipient might ignore or deny receiving the documents which can delay the case and cost more money.

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Choosing the right process server for you.

Before instructing a server ensure that you have agreed the fees and make sure that there are no hidden costs such as additional mileage or extra fees if the process server needs to make more than one visit. A good process server will outline what is included for the price given and explain the formality. You may wish to visit the company pages testimonials and online reviews to help with your selection process.

Our agents at The UK Nation Process Servers offer a fixed fee for up to three attempts at the same address, including at least one out of hours visit along with the certificate of service.

Once you have chosen your process server what are the next steps?

Instruct your process server and arrange for safe receipt of the documents by posting them directly by special delivery or emailing across depending on whether original documents have been instructed to serve. The process server may take the payment online or take a deposit to secure the booking. Try to assist the process server in a successful service by providing a photograph of the recipient if possible, a description and likely times you believe that they will be home. Inform the process server of the time restriction and if the document is urgent so they are aware how soon to act and revisit.

Our agents at The UK National Process Servers will keep you updated after each attempt and once service has been successfully served. For your no obligation quote please call us today on 0333 242 0630. We look forward to hearing from you.

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