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List of Documents we serve - Process server

The UK National Process Servers serve documents on a daily bases all over the UK, see below a list of the documents we serve.

Process serve
  • Applications

  • Bankruptcy Petition

  • Claim Form

  • Committal Notice

  • Divorce Petition

  • Family Proceedings

  • Freezing Order

  • N39 Order to Attend Court

  • N79a Suspended Committal Order

  • N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order

  • Non-Molestation Order

  • Notice Seeking Possession

  • Notice to Quit

  • Occupation Order

  • Possession Order

  • Prohibited Steps Order

  • Residence Order

  • Subpoena

  • Statutory Demand

  • Winding Up Petition

  • Witness Summons

Our Process Servers offer a fixed fee, will attend up to three visits at the address issued & produce the appropriate statement of service required for court.

Our clients receive regular updates after each attempt is made.

Call us today 0333 242 0630

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